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Industry 4.0 plays a central role within our ArcelorMittal Belgium sites, with the aim of becoming the 'smart plant of the future'. As a high-tech and innovative company, we actively deploy the latest techniques in the collection, processing, visualization and analysis of all kinds of (process) data on a daily basis. These data contribute, among other things, to a safer and more efficient organization.

September 22nd - 23rd 2018

36 hours - from 08:00 to 20:00
Brussels, Belgium

Our winners

During this years' Challenge, the participants were faced with the task of raising the ArcelorMittal Belgium safety bar even further. Very challenging and modern technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and methods to deal with natural speech and text in a structured way were to be used. In doing so, we wanted to lay the foundations for the digital safety assistant of the future.

The three winning team were:


Chatbot - Chatlayer


Vision AI - Kapernikov

NLP - Safe.Ly

Each of the winning teams was awarded €2.000 and were given a(n in-house developed) 3D-model of the Challenge’ safety assistant logo. The event was aimed at students and enterprising young adults. In addition, to a fun-filled – drone duck fishing - fully catered weekend, all participants were given the opportunity to attend several workshops given by absolute experts in the field (universities of Mons, Leuven and Brussels as well as Microsoft).


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